At The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. we believe safety begins with the individual. If you choose to own a firearm for self-defense, you have to be able to think and make decisions with a gun in your hand. We build thinking shooters.

Founded in 1987 by former law enforcement officer Marty Hayes, and purchased by Belle McCormack in 2022. FAS prides itself on its reputation of being the longest-established professional firearms training facility in the Pacific Northwest. We have provided high-quality instruction on firearms safety, competency, survival, and self-defense skills to thousands of students. Many of our instructors are certified law enforcement instructors, all are graduates of Massad Ayoob's classes and most are cross-certified to teach in various disciplines. In addition to FAS classes, we host guest instructors who are among the top instructors in the world, in order to expand your training opportunities.

We offer live-fire classes year-round to civilians, military, and law enforcement. We have an extensive course list for pistol, rifle, and shotgun with beginner and intermediate starting points.

If you are interested in firearms training but are not sure which class is appropriate for your skill level, please consider the information on our page entitled "Where to Start."

In 1994 FAS purchased land located 1 1/2 hours north of Portland, OR 2 hours south of Seattle, WA. establishing the FAS Tactical Training Range, which expanded the variety of 360-degree training environments to maximize the students learning experience, including a dark-house for low light training during daylight hours, building mock-ups, moving targets and more. All of our classes listed on this website are taught at this location.

The range is not open to visitors or the public except for participants in the classes and organized activities described on this website.

If you are on active duty with our nation's military forces, we direct your attention to our offer to help with your training and preparation. Please visit this page "For Military."