Handgun Retention Info

Do you know how to defend your handgun against a large, aggressive attacker, or what to do if a street thug sticks a gun in your face during an assault and threatens to blow your head off? Once you complete this class, you will know exactly what to do.

One of the prevailing arguments against civilian armed defense is the notion that "you will just have the gun taken away from you," especially regarding women and firearms. This intensive eight-hour seminar teaches techniques that are the same as those taught to law enforcement personnel throughout the nation, techniques that allow you to control your weapon, even in a struggle with an adversary who is much bigger and stronger than you. A discussion on disparity of force issues centered around when an armed individual may be justified in shooting an unarmed attacker is included.

THESE TECHNIQUES WORK, even for small people against large attackers, using leverage instead of strength to retain your handgun or disarm your attacker. Training exercises undertaken with inert castings of pistols, supplied for the class by the Academy. Due to the sensitive nature of the material learned, we must require a valid state-issued Concealed Weapons Permit, police or military ID or other background check prior to participation in this course.


Equipment List:

  1. Leather or heavy duty canvas gloves (saves skin on hands, so should cover the fingers!)
  2. Clothing and shoes that you can move around in easily (no heavy boots, please)
  3. Safety glasses
  4. Heavy-duty holster and belt. We will lend you a dummy gun if you do not have one.
  5. Notebook and pen
  6. Your sack lunch and beverages


**This class is currently invite only. Please contact us to register.**

Event Event Date Capacity Register
Handgun Retention Info 11-02-2024 9:00 am

Venue - Firearms Academy Range

Please note that this is a private range.  There is no public access, other than for scheduled classes / events.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for driving directions, information about the range, or lodging recommendations.

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