FAS 2-Day Pistol Carbine

This class covers many of the elements from our previous Close Quarters Carbine class with both handgun and carbine. Students need to bring plenty of mags pre-loaded and ready to go for a fast paced weekend of shooting.

Subject matter includes: Zero confirmation, handgun accuracy, carry positions, movement, moving targets, low light shooting, search techniques, and moving and shooting in the dark. We also include transition to handgun and other stress exercises in this course.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of our Level 2: FAS 2-Day Carbine, previously FAS Tactical Rifle, along with Level 2: Defensive Handgun.

$100 discount for retakes. Must register by phone to receive discount.

Close Quarters Carbine Equipment List:

  1. Semi-automatic rifle with at least five magazines.
  2. Handgun, belt holster and 3-5+ magazines.
  3. 500 rounds of rifle & 250 rounds of pistol (Minimum)
  4. Rifle sling.
  5. Rifle weapon light (required), pistol weapon light (optional)
  6. Handheld light
  7. Electronic hearing protection (you may want plugs and ear muffs) and wrap-around safety glasses.
  8. Kneepads (Optional)
  9. A billed baseball cap
  10. Clothing appropriate for a considerable amount of time outdoors.
  11. A pen and notebook
  12. Your lunch and beverages.
  13. Note: If your rifle is equipped with an optical sighting device, please bring the owner’s manual for the device to aid in sight-in and adjustments.


Event Date 09-28-2024 9:00 am
Event End Date 09-29-2024 5:00 pm
Capacity 12
Cut off date 09-27-2024 11:55 pm
Individual Price $525.00